“You Can Own a Multimillion Dollar Business Using None of Your Own Cash in 365 Days or Less“

Anthony Kane
Bizar Financing

    You can relax. This is not a sales letter.

    There is no “Special One Time Only,“ no “On Sale Now,“ and no “Buy Now“ button.

    We don't want your money. We have no way set up to take your money. That is not what this is about.

    This is about you. About where you are now and about where you could be one year from now.

    If you are perfectly content with your current level of business success, you are advancing in your career, and have all the money and free time that you desire, then you can stop reading this now. This letter is not for you.

    However, if any of the following are true:

      • Your income is not rising to meet the growing needs of your family

      • You are not advancing in your career or not advancing as quickly as you deserve

      • You are concerned about your current position being downsized, merged out, or outsourced to a foreign country

      • You are tired of others telling you what to do

      • You are already a business owner, but you want more

      • You are in a good industry, but those above you are mismanaging the company, headed for disaster, and your superiors won't listen to you

      • You are tired of being passed over for promotions that you deserve

      • You are sick of the office politics

      • You feel like you should be further along in your career than you are

      • You are tired of others controlling your time

      • You don't see yourself ever having enough money for retirement

      • You despise your company's culture

      • You watch as your fellow workers are laid off or fired and you are insecure about your future

      • You never have enough time to spend with your family

      • Your company has a policy of hiring younger, less expensive executives and forcing older ones to retire

      • You are an executive in a failing industry and want out

      • You are tired of your hard work making someone else rich

    Then, you are in the right place. This letter is for you.

    So what is the solution?

    I am sure you have thought about it.

      You could go back for retraining:
      Master new skills. Learn a new field. Then work your way up the ladder of success starting again from the bottom.

      You could start your own business from scratch:
      Become the captain of your ship. The master of your own fate. And try not to be among the 95% of new businesses that will fail within five years.

      You could continue way you are:
      Watch others profit from your efforts. Endure whatever you need to endure. Reach retirement. Then downsize your lifestyle enough so that maybe you won't be a burden to your children.

    But there is another option.

    You can:

    • Explode your income

    • Have the ultimate job security

    • Have what you need for retirement

    • Give your family all the things you want to give them

    • Keep all the profit from your efforts and the efforts of others

    • Control your own income

    • Set your company's culture

    • Be in complete control of your time, your money, and your future

    You can have everything you want by buying your own multimillion dollar business.

    As the owner of a multimillion dollar business, you will have all the income you need. You will never be fired, laid off or outsourced. You will be able to give your family everything you want to give. Others work for you making you richer. You control your income, your time, and your future.

    Best of all when you buy a business, you buy one that is successful. You know the business works. You will not be among the 95% of businesses that close their doors within 5 years of opening. You start earning money in your business on day one because you bought a business that is already fully operational.

    It's the perfect solution, except...

    How are you going to buy a multimillion dollar business?

    If you had the money to buy a multimillion dollar business you wouldn't be in the position you are now.

    Let's be very clear about this.

    You do not need your own money to buy a business.

    Our group has been around since 1969 and have been involved in over 3500 transactions.

    We do not need to use our own money to buy businesses.

    Neither do the 350,000 business owners who have enrolled in our training programs since the 1980s.

    Maybe Warren Buffett buys businesses with his own money. We don't.

    And nobody we know needs to use their own money to buy a business

    Again I want to stress-

    There is nothing for sale here.

    This is not about a $35K weekend intensive that will teach you everything you need to know.

    Nor is this about a $10K online video program that promises you all the tools you need.

    This even is not about our own training programs, which we sell.

    This is about putting you in your own multimillion dollar business during the next 365 days.

    Why would we do this for you?

    Is it because we are great guys?

    Is it because we see the world as world of abundance and want you to get your share?

    Is it because deep down it will make us really happy and we'll get warm fuzzies when we see you prosper?

    Well, all those things are true, except the warm fuzzies part, but none of them are the reason why we are going to do this for you.

    The reason we want to see you in your own multimillion dollar business in the next year is that we are going to make a ton of money getting you there.

    Just none of that money is going to come from you.

    When you win, we win.

    If you don't win, we get nothing.

    We like to win.

    And that is all I am going to tell you right now.

    Here is why and I am being perfectly honest.

    At the moment this plan is only for limited number of highly qualified candidates. Ten is acceptable. Twenty is ideal. Thirty is pushing the limit.

    Therefore, we are going to be putting up a number of blocks along the way. These are to help us identify who is a good candidate and screen out the others.

    Congratulations. You have made it past the first and second obstacle.

    The fact that you arrived at this letter at all means that you are already a better fit than 98% of the people out there.

    Secondly, you read this far. You didn't stop in the middle to watch some "How to teach your cat to make in the toilet" video.

    Or if you did, at least you came back to finish reading.

    Here is the third obstacle.

    If you want to find out more, then you need to give me your name and email address so I can fill you in more on this.

    Don't worry. I am not going to sell your information or spam you into submission.

    I am going to ask you to carefully consider what I will be telling you.

    After that, if you are interested or are still undecided, please stick around. There is a lot more to come. If at any point you decide this is not for you, please unsubscribe.

    That's it.

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